Alejandra Vargas

Born in Bolivia, I am a native Spanish speaker and I am very fortunate to have had the opportunity, since childhood to travel and interact with other cultures and languages.

During my last year of high school, I enjoyed being a foreign exchange student in Round Rock, TX.  I received my undergraduate in my home country and then earned a scholarship to pursue my Masters in Germany.

After graduating with my Masters in Sustainable Energy Systems and Management and having worked for several years on related projects, I decided to devote my time to my family, especially my three children.  We moved to the United States a couple of years ago.  it was a challenging transition for us and our young children but the difficulties came with incredible experiences and memories for all of us.  During this time, I confirmed my belief in the importance of encouraging bilingualism in children and the significance of giving our little ones the opportunity to open their minds to different mindsets and cultures.  I do believe this is key in becoming an integrated and active participant of our world today.

Semillitas allows me the opportunity to meet like minded families who also encourage their children to express themselves and communicate, not only through words, but with ideas and feelings creating connections in a warm and friendly atmosphere.

I am convinced that every child has the potential to learn, the challenge is to find the best way to make him/her smile while doing it.


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TuneBugz Studio

5811 Berkman Ste # 107

Austin, TX 78723




"I am picking up Spanish much more quickly than I did in high school and college because of the teacher's movements and gestures with each song. They should teach Spanish this way to adults!! My daughter is really learning the songs as is wonderful to hear her singing in Spanish."

- Kristen T. 

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